Sometimes things aren’t so perfect, clearly. But slow season is still upon me. I guess it is expected, I’ve only been in LA for about little over a year. 

On the flip side, this weekend I will be helping out a great friend of mine on his music video. I will be camera operating my favorite camera, the C300. I am not getting paid, but I am helping a friend out and operating my favorite camera, so pretty happy for that. It’ll keep me busy as well. 

I am excited for the music video, not just because of my friend, but also because of the concept. From what I understand, the main character will turn into a werewolf! And I know the make up team that will be doing this, and they are beast! (no pun intended).

I will post some pics of the production, and the camera set up (it’s my own camera, hahaha), amongst other little film nerd stuff. 

Feel free to ask me anything, I am trying to get into posting a lot more often, and would love to have some interaction with people on here. 



And that means back to the grind. 

I spend the last month an a half out of town. I visited my family in Puerto Rico and helped out on a short there, then went to NYC to visit some friends and worked a couple of music videos there. Now I am back and amped to keep working. 

2013 is the year, we survived the end of the world (for like the 4th time or so), so let’s continue to kick some ass this year. 

Me and my partners just went public with our production company, so you guys should check it out: Imaginarium Media Group (what a mouth full). But it is exactly who we are. We are a collective of talented filmmakers each with their own niche, working together to bring projects to life using the most creative ways possible. 

Spread the word, follow us, bash us, talk to us, anything! 


I will be spending December in the big apple, New York City. While there I will shooting some timelapses and other stalk footage with my Canon C300. So in the mean time, I am marketing my camera package and my services at a December Christmas discount price, feel free to contact me if interested. The more days I am booked on to a production, the higher the discount. Just give me a call or a message and we can work something out. 

Package includes:

- Canon C300 (EF mount)

- Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L

- Canon 28-70mm f/2.8L

- Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L

- Canon  on board monitor

- SmallHD DP6 field monitor

- 8x LP-E6 batteries/ with chargers

- Manfrotto 504HD tripod

- RedRock support rig

- RedRock C300 Cage

- 4x 32g CF cards/ with card reader

- 4x BP-950 batteries/ with chargers

Can’t wait to meet some of the filmmakers from the greatest city!!!






Actor Headshot: Cris Ruiz


Hello everyone!

I am about to go into production for the new music video “How did we get here?” by Emily Kopp. Updates and more will be posted through here. RIght now we are trying to find some donations to be able to fully equip ourselves with the best crew, equipment, and get us some food for all. If you can donate any amount or reblog/repost this on your blogs/facebooks, share it with your friends, a couple of bucks, anything will help. 

To donate go to our kickstarter:

 And go to the music video’s facebook page and “like” it:


For more info feel free to contact me at:

E. gabrielgely@gmail.com

C. 787-930-7636

Thank you!



"My lowest requirement is to exceed expectations"

— Gabriel Gely



Just finish the first batch of photos from last night show ”Emily Kopp: Tour Kickoff Show @ Will’s Pub" with guest  JMR and Jared Goldberg. The show was great, both guess were very good and complementing to the show, and the main band, Emily Kopp, was absolutely fantastic. This first batch is a series of pictures taken throughout the show between myself and John Garaguso. The next batch will be posted as soon as it’s done. Hope you all enjoy!


Merritt Island Nature


Merritt Island Lake